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How do I tell UCDH that I’m still planning to take or finish prerequisite courses?
In the application there is a section titled “Current or Anticipated Registration”, this is where the applicant should list the courses that they are still taking and that they plan to take in order to finish all of the prerequisites.

When is the application deadline?
UCDH does not have an application deadline.  We will take applications until our class is full and we have an adequate number of alternates.  However, there is no reason to delay submitting an application, since your prerequisites do not have to be completed before you apply; they must only be completed before the program begins. 

How many applications does UCDH receive and how many students are accepted?
UCDH does not release numbers on the applications that we receive.  We accept 60 students into each program.

What does the section “Current or Anticipated Registration” on the application mean?
The “Current or Anticipated Registration” section of the application is where you should list the courses that you are currently enrolled in, or that you anticipate being enrolled in, so you can finish all of your prerequisite courses.

What is cosidered an official transcript? 
The transcripts (high school and college) should be sent directly from the school.  If transcripts are not sent directly from the school or are emailed then they are considered unofficial.  Transcripts must be official to be used for prerequisite transfer credit.  High school transcripts must also be official.

If I have a college degree and/ or graduated from high school more than 10 years ago do I still need to send high school transcripts as part of my application?
Yes, every applicant, regardless of age or education level MUST send high school transcripts and a copy of his or her high school diploma/diplomas.

What is the purpose of the “Petition to Transfer”?
Petition to Transfer is used for courses that do not fit the prerequisite criteria.  For example, if an applicant wants to take a sociology class that is not introductory or general sociology.

How do I know if my prerequisite classes will transfer to UCDH?
The best way to find out of your classes will transfer as prerequisite courses is to arrange to have your transcripts sent to UCDH.  The Admissions Office can review your transcripts for transfer credits.  After your transcripts have been sent, contact the Admissions Office by phone (801) 426-8234 or email and they can tell you what will transfer, what you still need to complete, etc.

When does UCDH start classes?
UCDH rotates starting dates. We start accepting applications 12 months prior to each class beginning.

Does UCDH have evening, weekend, or part-time classes?
No, classes during the BSDH program are full-time day classes only.  The program is 20 months long.

Does UCDH offer an associate program?
No, UCDH offers one program; a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene. 

How do I know if my credits will transfer from UCDH to another institution?
UCDH is a private, small single discipline (dental hygiene) training institution.  UCDH only offers a Bachelor Degree in Dental Hygiene (BSDH) for those who graduate. UCDH does not guarantee the transferability of credits to, or from, other colleges and universities. Transferability is determined solely by the discretion of the school/institution the student is applying to attend.

If your educational goals include continuing your education after graduating from UCDH be advised of the following:

Many UCDH graduates are continuing their education through Western Governors University* Their website lists WGU as an accredited, nonprofit online university offering online bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.

*UCDH does not have an articulation agreement with