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The UCDH BSDH program requires a minimum of 122 credit hours (which includes a minimum of 33 credit hours of prerequisite & general education coursework).  The curriculum is structured into semesters.  One semester credit hour equals fifteen hours of study for lecture components or thirty hours of study for laboratory, clinical and independent study components.  Breaks are scheduled between all semesters.

The prerequisite courses for the UCDH program are listed below. All courses must be of sufficient depth, scope, sequence of instruction, quality and emphasis to reflect the objectives and philosophy of higher education and must be transferred from a regionally accredited post-secondary institution.

  • A cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 is necessary for all science prerequisites. 
  • A cumulative GPA of at least 2.0. is required for all general education prerequisites. 
  • Grades earned for both science and general education courses must average to 2.5 or higher on a GPA scale. 

All applicants must meet both the letter grade and GPA requirement to begin the program.

What is considered a retake/when is a retake required?
Only letter grades of C or higher will be accepted. If your transcript shows that you received a final letter grade of C- or lower in any required prerequisite, it would need to be retaken. If the transcript legend shows an unfamiliar letter, that is specified on the transcript legend as a failure, an unofficial withdrawal, or incomplete, this would also be considered a needed retake. If an applicant has this for any required prerequisite, the rules in the UCDH Prerequisites Retake Policy would apply.

UCDH Prerequisites Retake Policy:

To be eligible to apply to UCDH, prerequisite courses cannot be taken more than twice.  On the second attempt of any prerequisite course, the applicant must receive a letter grade of a C or higher. If an applicant has taken a prerequisite course more than twice (third attempts or more), an applicant is considered ineligible to apply to the program at UCDH. The admissions committee does allow an applicant to submit a petition to evaluate having a retake attempt waived if the class was taken five or more years ago. Petitioning the retake attempt to be waived does not guarantee that it will be approved. The petition form is below.

For your College Level Math credit, it may be acceptable for you to take a statistics course from the departments of education, business, or mathematics.  If you're unsure whether or not a course will transfer, please contact the Admissions Office. 

Please see answers to frequently asked questions about the prerequisites by clicking here and the course equivalency sheet here.


UCDH Bachelors Degree (BSDH) Prerequisite Courses:


Credit Hrs

Science Prerequisite Courses




Human Nutrition




Anatomy & Physiology (4 credit hours each, totaling 8 credit hours)
Anatomy and Physiology I & II (4 credit hours each, totaling 8 credit hours)

General Education Prerequisites


English I


Public Speaking (Speech)






College Level Mathematics



* Please note, only 30 prerequisite credits are allowed to be completed in an online format.


If your course is not listed in our course equivalencies and you believe the course to be transferrable, download and print the Petition for Course Transfer Review. Any potential transfer course must meet UCDH criteria and course content must match at least 80 percent of the required foundational knowledge.  Petitions are only valid for the current application cycle.  If an applicant submits a petition for one application cycle, and then applies to a different application cycle at another date, a new petition would need to be submitted to review and the past petition would be void.  Transferability of credits is determined by each individual institution.  UCDH is a private institution and does not have articulation agreements with any other private or public educational institution, college, or university.   

NOTICE FROM COLLEGE CATALOG: UCDH does not guarantee the transferability of credits to or from other colleges and universities.  Transferability is determined solely by the discretion of the school/institution the student is applying to attend.

Graduates who have been awarded a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene enjoy a well-rounded academic background and the respect that goes along with a baccalaureate degree. Wherever a student's dental hygiene related interest might lie, the goal is to provide maximum opportunities to explore and learn through this innovative baccalaureate degree program.

Disclaimer: As of 01-31-2019, Straighterline classes will no longer be accepted if courses are taken after 09-09-2019.  Please call if you have questions about this change. 

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