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3. Dental Hygiene - A GREAT CAREER! 

A career in Dental Hygiene has great flexibility and earning potential.  The United States Department of Labor Occupational Employment Statistics published in May of 2008 for the occupation of Dental Hygienist (29-2021) lists an annual wage range (percentile wage estimates) and national estimates for this occupation from the lowest 10% to the highest 90% as: entry level annual salary of $44,180 to a highly experienced annual salary of $91,470 ( Source: ). The Utah College of Dental Hygiene at Careers Unlimited exclusively offers a bachelors degree level education in dental hygiene (BSDH Degree).  Aside from being a clinical dental hygienist, students who continue their educations and earn a bachelor's degree may pursue careers in  management, education, research, consumer advocacy, dental company product representatives, and change agents.  The United States Department of Labor in conjunction with the Bureau of the Census and the Bureau of Labor Statistics state that the median annual earnings for workers with a bachelor's degree is $50,856 (Note: Earnings for year-round full-time workers 25 years and over). The Department of Labor predicts that employment of dental hygienists will grow faster than most occupations through 2014. (Sources: "Back to School" article, Dental Practice Report Jul/Aug 2000 Pg.20; Health Professions Career and Education Directory 2003-2004 Pg. 115, current as of 11-24-2004; Readers Digest Nov. 2003 pg. 102, Bureau of Labor Statistic). and  Statistics and salary quotes are current as of 08-19-2009.