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UCDH Transcript/Letter Request Form

All students/graduates that are requesting a transcript and or letter from the school will need to fill out the information form in its entirety. All completed forms will need to be sent directly to UCDH.  We accept the form by mail, fax, or signed, scanned and emailed to the admissions department. Once a form is received payment must be made before processing. Please be aware that forms that are not correctly filled out will not be able to be processed. Please fill out one form per item requested.


Contact Information

Hours: Monday - Wednesday from 8:00 AM-4:00 PM

Address: 1176 S. 1480 W.
Orem, UT 84058
Attn: Admissions and Records Office

Phone: 801-426-8234
Fax: 801-224-5437

There is no guarantee of transferability to other institutions for required UCDH prerequisite courses or for any dental hygiene core courses that are taught at UCDH.  Transferability of credits is determined by each individual institution.  UCDH is a private institution and does not have articulation agreements with any other private or public educational institution, college, or university.  Therefore it is the responsibility of the applicant, student, or graduate to determine if credits will transfer from UCDH to other institutions.  This also includes all coursework completed at UCDH or prerequisite coursework transferabiliy to other institutions, colleges, or universities.


Obtaining your license for dental hygiene after graduation is a process that varies from state to state.  Most states typically require proof of graduation (often in the form of a transcript) and often require additional letters of proof for anesthesia/nitrous oxide certification.  If you are a UCDH graduate and need to obtain a transcript/letter for licensing, please navigate to the section at the top of this page for the relevant form download.

No transcripts/letters/forms can be processed until this form is completed and the associated fee is paid. 

Licensing requirements for each state are subject to change. It is encouraged that you research which states you are seeking licensure in and review specific, current requirements for obtaining a license. Some states have regulations for individuals with criminal records, which may hinder your ability to be licensed.

To become licensed following graduation from UCDH, you will need to take one or more board exams to be certified as a Dental Hygienist. 

UCDH is an approved testing site for the board exams administered by CDCA/WREB/CITA. UCDH has enjoyed hosting and participating in the dental hygiene and local anesthesia examinations administered by WREB at our campus since May of 2008. Eligible candidates may elect to utilize UCDH's facilities to test for future examinations.

The Western Regional Examining Board is now part of CDCA/WREB/CITA.

The program at UCDH meets licensure requirements in the following States: Utah. For more information regarding Utah licensure requirements, visit the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL) web-site:

UCDH is unable to make a determination that its curriculum will meet every state's educations requirements for licensure or certification. If you have any further questions regarding licensure for a specific state, please contact the respective state dental board.


Although job placement is not guaranteed, UCDH a division of Careers Unlimited L.L.C. will attempt to assist all graduates, at any time, in finding gainful employment.  All graduates seeking job/career placement assistance should indicate by email to the admissions and records office at UCDH, at a minimum the following: 

  • Complete contact information (including your full name, phone number, and email address).
  • When you obtained your license and when it expires.
  • What states you legally can practice dental hygiene in.
  • Desired days and maximum hours sought to work per day/week.
  • Available days you can work.
  • If you have your own transportation.
  • The miles you are willing to drive to obtain work (commuter range).
  • If you are willing to take temporary employment (work as a temp).
  • The hourly wage you are willing to work for (or if you are willing to work on a commission basis).

    *Additional information may be sought to assist you in your job search.