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Terms and Conditions for Federal Loan Deferments

A Deferment is a temporary suspension of payments on a student loan. Deferments are entitlements. As long as a student is eligible for a Deferment, and provides the necessary documentation, their lender is required to grant one. If a student is granted a Deferment the Federal Government will pay all interest on any Subsidized loan. However, the student is responsible for any interest that accrues on an Unsubsidized loan, and should they decide not to pay the interest while they are in a Deferment that interest will be capitalized. Deferments can be granted for students that are in‐school, unemployed, experiencing economic hardship, or active duty in the military.

For more information or to obtain a Deferment form you can go to your Financial Services Office, or contact FA Help department at 1‐888‐730‐6924 and

When a new student enrolls at our institution, with loans from a institution prior to ours, the

Financial Services Office will assist the student in applying for an In‐School Deferment. This deferment will postpone any federal financial aid loan payments while the student is enrolled at our institution at least half‐time. Once the form is completed by both the student and the institution’s Registrar, the Financial Services Office will forward the form to all the student’s previous lenders and follow up with them to ensure it was received and processed.